Awareness, Behaviour & Culture

Demonstrably raising awareness, influencing behaviour and fostering an appropriate culture

The effectiveness of any organisations strategy for information security is entirely dependent on how people behave.

Whilst some behavioural outcomes can be managed through the use of technology many are almost entirely down to choices personnel make as to whether to comply or not with policy.

It therefore stands to reason that an effective awareness campaign requires an understanding of how behaviours are formed and influenced.

At Marmalade Box we support organisations to demonstrably change awareness, behaviour and culture by using all, or parts of, our in-house developed SABC™ methodology.

SABC™ leverages advances in our understanding of behavioural and organisational science, change management and culture and combines them with innovative and engaging communication strategies, which have been proven to successfully engage with audiences and influence levels of awareness, behaviour and culture.

We’re excited to announce the release of 2017 dates for our SABC™ workshops, click here to book now and join us.  Want to find out more?  See what other Information Security professionals are saying on our testimonial page, or head to What is SABC™ to read more about our philosophy. 

“I’ve experienced a steady shift in our business culture to incorporate security practices into our day to day activities. Bruce and Marmalade Box tell a compelling story for the Board and our employees and I’d be happy to recommend them.”

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Marketing Agency


Our internal marketing communication team creates creative, engaging and compelling communications plans to drive awareness and make it stick over prolonged periods of time. However, here’s a secret, awareness is not just about great marketing communications or education. We can re-invigorate your awareness programme using our SABC methodology.


We have spent 5 years researching the science behind human behaviour and decision making. We have then applied this within the context of the security environment. We can provide a demonstrable, scientifically proven, framework (SABC) which drives the likelihood of positive security behaviours.


We have researched how cultures are formed and influenced and their relationship with awareness and behaviour. Using this knowledge we can embed security into organisational culture in a creative and innovative way, delivering metrics, using our SABC methodology.

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