Re-thinking the Human Factor

Intro workshop

This workshop introduces attendees to the basic concepts around re-thinking the human factor in your information security strategy.

In this workshop, we will introduce you to the key concepts around re-thinking the human factor in your information security strategy.

You will discover how the current approaches to developing and delivering training and awareness are not the cure if you want to achieve changes in awareness, security behaviours and organisational culture.

We will then introduce you to the holistic principles that lie at the heart of SABC™, our evidence-based framework based Nobel Prize-winning research. The insights we share are based on interviews with world leaders in awareness, behaviour, culture, learning and development. Use of our framework will enable you to demonstrably improve the security awareness, behaviour and culture in your organisation.

By the time you leave, you will be crystal clear on how you can apply all this to your information security challenges. This is a journey, and we’d love to give you some meaningful direction.

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“I cannot recommend this workshop enough!

I guarantee you will look at all future information security awareness, human behaviours and your organisational culture in a completely different light after realising how they are all interlinked and should be considered as a whole and not in isolation.

Bravo Marmalade Box!”

“The workshop was a definite 5/5. It’s an exciting new approach to behavioural compliance that offers the opportunity to make our interventions significantly more effective and efficient than they are now.”

CISO, TUI UK & Europe

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Re-thinking the Human Factor Introductory Workshop

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