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What you can expect from us

When it comes to training and consulting our reputation for innovation and creativity means that you can expect us to take a fresh approach to an age-old problem: getting people to act positively on your behalf.

Sure, we can help you with your governance, risk and compliance needs, but for us, it’s important that your investment pays off. This means seeing measurable results both on your balance sheet and within your organisational culture.

When you invite us to help you we’ll be integrating insights into awareness, behaviour and culture with deep and broad information security expertise.

When you attend our SABC courses we share, with you, insights that challenge the status quo and enable you to demonstrate a more mature approach to education and awareness. Even in a court of law!

Once your stakeholders understand and appreciate the security challenges facing your organisation, bringing about a change in behaviour for the better will be much easier. 

This is what embedding security means to us.

“I find Marmalade Box’s contributions to our development of our understanding of issues in information security and stewardship to be well-informed, well-articulated, and most valuable.”
Prof. David Pym

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