Our Training Courses

We have training courses to suit all members of your security team, no matter how experienced they are.

Sharing our insights and research, through training, coaching and mentoring senior security professionals, employees and independent consultants have been an integral part of our DNA, and how we share our research, for 12 years.

We’ve been delivering in-house and public courses and workshops in SABC™, our security awareness, behaviour and culture framework, across the globe since 2015.

We have a range of courses available to suit all members of the security team. Whether you’re new to information security and security awareness, or an experienced professional looking for the latest insights and developments to give you the edge, then we have something for you.

All of our events are led by our own internal subject matter specialists, members of our Advisory Board, or one of our Associates. They bring an excellent understanding of our frameworks and the research on which they have been developed.

But as importantly, our trainers also bring a real-life experience of how our frameworks have been implemented in other organisations whilst understanding and incorporating local cultural, industry and geographical context.

“I’d recommend the SABC™ workshop to security leaders with responsibility for culture change programmes if they’re interested in learning about new thinking on the topic, and about the scientific, academic and real-world support for those ideas.”

VP Cyber Security EMEA & Global Education & Awareness



Our Workshops

Here are the workshops that we currently offer.

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