Think about the information your organisation uses every day and the infrastructure and facilities needed to input, store, distribute and retrieve this. What value do you, your colleagues and customers place on this? What data protection and other regulatory and legal obligations are you obliged to fulfill?

Just how much is it worth to ensure your information is kept confidential and your systems secure? Or to ensure that you, your customers and maybe suppliers have got access to it when you need to and that your information and systems are used for the purposes they are there for?

How big an impact would it have on your cash flow, profitability and reputation if your best intentions where undermined by the reality of your information security practices, IT security controls and business continuity on the ground?

Managing these information security risks isn’t just about IT security, it’s a set of business choices helping you minimise information security risks to your organisations stability and future by protecting your cashflow, profitability and reputation.   

Marmalade Box is an independent UK based consultancy. We advise strategic and operational management teams upon information security, IT security and business continuity risks.  We enable our clients to reduce risks which could undermine their information and systems value and their contribution to their success. 

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