We are a strategic information security consultancy and we specialise in security awareness behaviour and culture.

We help you to design security processes that reduce the guesswork from the human factor.


What do you need help with?

Awareness, Behaviour & Culture

We believe that awareness is the first step in a journey towards influencing positive security behaviour. When these behaviours become the every day way of doing business they become embedded into an organisations culture. Our unique SABC™ model is backed by scientific research, and designed to bring about positive changes in employee awareness and behaviour that are quantifiable and impactful.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Information security is at the core of our business and we support private and government organisations with all aspects of governance, risk and compliance. Whether you need to develop and implement an enterprise wide management system, a methodology for identifying and managing your risk exposure or to achieve compliance with regulatory or contractual obligations, we can help.

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Personal Development & Training

Our training packages, coaching and mentoring support, are suitable for C-level, middle management and industry inductees. They help professionals to maximise their true potential and be introduced to industry shaping thinking either through external event or in-house webinars, workshops or courses.

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