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Security professionals need a wider range of skills to keep up with the changing nature of the role. Let us help your team to meet the challenge of today’s digital age.

As the security role evolves with increasing demands it’s crucial for security professionals to continue their professional learning and development. But some of the required skills of the present and future fall outside of traditional security training and certifications. Not for us.

We’re committed to helping security teams to be the best they can be when it comes to the challenge of security awareness, behaviour and culture. For us, that means helping the individuals within those teams to deepen their existing skills and knowledge whilst introducing new insights and skills so that they can meet the challenges of our times.

Our pedigree for innovation and creativity comes from our commitment to research and the application of our findings within the information security domain. Our programmes of research have produced enviable and forward-thinking insights, methodologies and frameworks, which frequently top the agenda of industry conferences, business and even national economic and social prosperity debates.

But we don’t want to keep that to ourselves. We want to share it so that we can all benefit.

We’ve developed a range of training courses and programmes, to support all members of your security team responsible for awareness, behaviour and culture, from the newbie to the most experienced. And if training isn’t enough, that’s OK, we can support you with our coaching and mentoring services to implement these industry groundbreaking insights into your day to day culture.

“Managing a technical team of people with diverse, yet complementary skills and experience, takes a particular talent that can’t be taught. Bruce has that talent. He was able, with a ‘light touch’, to inspire and motivate. His ability to understand the concerns of client business managers and to manage solutions which cost-effectively addressed them was, in my experience, unique.”

CISO Global System Integrator


We offer a range of training courses to those responsible for re-thinking the human factor. These leverage our research into the human factor and our own tried and tested framework for awareness, behaviour and culture called SABC™. Our training can be carried out in-house or delegates can attend our public courses.


Our coaching can support senior and middle managers responsible for addressing the human factor to develop and implement demonstrable changes in awareness, behaviour and culture. These services are designed to plug your current talent directly into highly experienced security professionals to enable them to excel and be of their greatest value to an organisation.


Our mentoring is ideal for those who are new to information security and who are transitioning from other parts of the organisation. Our experienced security professionals can help them to hit the ground running with confidence, which means they can perform at their best sooner.

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