crafting a message with impact

Crafting a message with impact across different cultures to effect real behavioural change

A conversation with John Pollack, former Speechwriter to President Bill Clinton

What is needed within cyber security industry communications to generate the kind of awareness and training materials that enable governments, businesses, and the general public to protect themselves against cybersecurity threats?

We want people to hear our message and act in accordance with responsible security behaviours, but what changes do we as an industry need to make in order to accomplish this goal?

Crafting a Message with Impact

Join Bruce and John as they converse around these questions and unpack topics such as:

  • John was a strolling violinist at a restaurant where the head chef taught him that people eat twice, once with their eyes and once with their stomach, and that good communication relies on a combination of sensory stimuli.
  • Building a relationship with an audience, fostering trust, requires communicators to listen as much, if not more, than communicate.

  • Communication needs to come from a place of empathy and this is often missing.

  • The importance of authenticity and credibility in developing and delivering effective communication that supports a change in behaviour.
  • “Washington is where good words go to die” comment illustrating the impact of internal corporate communication guidelines on the effectiveness of communications designed to raise awareness and influence behaviour.

“…We ought keep our eye out for ways to capture people’s attention because capturing people’s attention, and holding it, is the essence of communication…”