education and awareness programs

Creating effective education and awareness programs is a fundamental aspect of an effective security strategy. In this episode, we talk about the importance of integrating behavioural economics and psychology into the creation of effective education and awareness programs, and the strategy behind them.

A conversation with Robert Madelin, former Director General of Health and Consumer Policy at the European Commission

Robert Madelin brings a distinguished career and experience to the conversation in Episode 4 of Re-Thinking the Human Factor. Robert has been focused throughout his career on policy generation, awareness and education, and as part of that, designing policy so the odds are stacked in favour of those who comply with that policy. 

Why behavioural economics and psychology is relevant to education and awareness programs

Join Bruce and Robert in this episode as they each draw from a well of extensive experience to converse around:

  • Fast and slow thinking and how each influences how we behave in society
  • The importance of integrating behavioural economics and psychology and choice-architecture when it comes to the design of EFFECTIVE education and awareness strategies and programs
  • The “uncomfortable truth” that people do not respond rationally when given data and how recognizing that truth is key to guiding policy creation and choice architecture efforts
  • How cultural differences in the cybersecurity space have more to do with digital literacy, age, principles and values rather than one’s passport, or “passport culture”, as Robert refers to it
  • The role of culture or the context within people live their lives, and how that may have an effect upon:
    • the policy itself
    • how you raise awareness within institutions or even nation-states, as in Robert’s experience
  • The importance of international cooperation in efforts to raise awareness and influence behaviour

“It’s the human factor that makes us vulnerable.”




Chairman, Fipra International // Director General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT) // Director-General for Health and Consumer Policy (SANCO) // A negotiator in international trade and investment, first for the UK, and then for the EU // Served in the Cabinet of European Commission Vice-President Leon Brittan.