Welcome to Series 2, Episode 1 of the Re-Thinking the Human Factor Podcast.

It’s fantastic to be back after a 3-month break! 

As we like to do every so often, Episode 1 of Series 2 begins with a conversation with Louise Cockburn, a listener to our show whom we invited to come on and share insights she’s picked up from previous episodes of the podcast, as well as her own experiences and thoughts on the challenge of security awareness, behaviour and culture.

Louise is the information security awareness and culture manager at Quilter (prev. Old Mutual Wealth), and she had much to say about the need for creativity in communications, the power children hold in shaping behaviour and culture, personnel buy-in, and more, but the overarching theme of the conversation centred around one thing – behaviour.

Listen below in to hear all about it.

Episodes Review with Louise Cockburn, Information Security Awareness and Culture Manager at Quilter

by Bruce Hallas | Re-thinking the Human Factor Podcast

Further Resources

Re-thinking the Human Factor Book

Our new book, Re-Thinking the Human Factor, which is available on Amazon

In the nine chapters of the book, we challenge some of the assumptions that many people make when designing education and awareness programs to raise awareness, influence behaviour and foster an appropriate organizational culture.

Also, we bring in a load of insights, some of which have come from the research that Bruce and his team has done over the last seven years, whilst some stem directly from the interviews that we’ve done in Series one of the podcast. Also, it’s a short read.

LinkedIn Group

We have recently launched the Re-Thinking the Human Factor LinkedIn Group, where we want to enable you to continue the discussion around the human factor in information security. We hope that by having a space to hold these discussions that we can all better understand the role that awareness, behaviour, and culture can have on our information security objectives. 


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