technology on behaviour

Understanding the impact of technology on behaviour is one of the biggest questions we must ask ourselves today. Technology is advancing so quickly and we are seeing human behaviour adapt very rapidly. A glance on a train platform during peak hour will hint at people’s obsession with their smartphone. Or, just watch a two-year-old use an iPad with ease if you have any doubts.

So it seems right to explore this in more detail as cybersecurity professionals need to get their heads around the effect of technology on behaviour and what that means in terms of developing sound and effective information security strategies.

A conversation with Ciaran McMahon, Director at Institute of Cyber Security

In this episode, Bruce explores this with Ciaran McMahaon, Director at the Institute of Cyber Security and they discuss how advances in technology have impacted people’s behaviour.

Award-winning academic psychologist Ciaran McMahon joins Bruce Hallas in episode 5 of Re-thinking the Human Factor. Hailing from the Republic of Ireland, Ciaran comes from a psychology background and has extensively studied how advancements in technology, throughout human history to the present day, have affected societal behaviours. He shares our belief that understanding the human side of things is necessary to effectively influence information security behaviours within an organisation, and he is eager to bring his psychological insights to the problems we face in cybersecurity awareness, behaviour, and culture.

“It’s unlikely that we can use all of this technology and not be changed in some way…”

The effect of technology on behaviour

Join Bruce and Ciaran in this episode as they explore:

  • The impact on people’s behaviour of changes in technology and what that means for designing security environments and choices in cyber security awareness and policy implementation
  • How people justify their behaviour and choices not to comply with security best practise including deterrence, punishment vs reward, neutralization, the defence of necessity, and others.
  • People’s innate understanding of right and wrong and the issue of justice and fairness in relation to security behaviours.




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