The Analogies Project

The Analogies Project was conceived to help spread the message of information security, and its importance in the modern world. It is a not for profit organisation that is a collates stories and analogies that contain a strong message around information security.

By drawing parallels between what people already know, or find interesting (such as politics, art, history, theatre, sport, science, music and every day life experiences) and how these relates to information security, we can increase understanding and support across the whole of society.


Why use analogies?

Many aspects of information security are highly technical and require a deep specialist knowledge. However, we know that all security depends ultimately on the awareness and preparedness of non-specialists.

Information security professionals cannot rely solely on technology to protect their organisations. They must engage with senior management and users in a way that their message is understood, fully appreciated and implemented. In this way they can drive changes in attitude and behaviour that will make the organisation more secure.

To do that, they must find a new language to get their points across to the non-specialist. And this is where the Analogies Project comes in….

Our past is littered with examples of how the prosperity or decline of individuals, enterprises, governments and nation states has depended  to a greater or lesser extent, on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. By using storytelling, analogies and metaphor we can transform these real life events into powerful tools for engagement.

The founder of Marmalade Box is a sponsor of The Analogies Project as it is in line with our philosphy and our apporach to information security.

Using analogies to embed information security across your business

Are your current employee education programmes not delivering the desired results?

Are you worried that the money you’re spending on building awareness of security across the business is going down the pan?

Maybe it’s time for something new.

If you would you like to use tried and tested approaches to make your message stick then get in touch and let us enlighten you as how it’s REALLY done if you want results that count.

The thing is, our approach is not for everyone. We bring a whole new way of thinking to bring information security alive within the business. Our approach is both strategic and cross-functional, and can bring about real cultural change across your business.

If you would like to find out if you’re a perfect fit for our new approach to security awareness and employee education, then why not start by downloading our one-page PDF: What it takes for security awarness success in the workplace.