What is SABC™?

Security Management Process based on Nobel Prize-winning research

SABC™ is a security management framework for influencing change in Security Awareness, Behaviour & Culture. It is the culmination of over eight years of research at Marmalade Box into the ‘human factor’ and its impact in cultivating security-aware organisations.

It brings together and incorporates lessons and experience both from within and outside of the security industry to demonstrably stack the odds of compliance in your favour.


A unique framework for success

It is not hardware or software. It is a framework to help security professionals develop, plan, implement and review demonstrably effective strategies for raising awareness, influencing behaviour and embedding security into your organisation’s culture.

Our customers often say it is an approach that is as unique as it is effective.


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“ [SABC is] a more mature and thought through approach to moving our companies forward on the topic of awareness, behaviour and culture change.”

David Rimmer,

VP Cyber Security EMEA at Equifax

“This workshop and methodology are unique, in my perspective, for tapping into cultural change methods.”

James Mulhern,
CISO at EduServe

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