Terms and conditions for SABC™ workshops

It’s best to make clear that:

Unless stated otherwise in your order confirmation your booking will be for 1 person to attend the chosen event.

We are happy for you to transfer the booking to another member of your team but ask that this is done 2 week’s before the date of the scheduled course.

We are also happy for you to cancel, but hope that you will not. If you want to cancel then you can do this by contacting us by phone or email at enquiry at marmaladebox.com up to 30 days from when you make your registration for the event by getting in contact with us. We may ask if you want to reschedule instead.

The event cost does not include accommodation, travel or any other cost incurred by attendees in attending the event.

We will happily accommodate attendees special dietary requirements where ever possible. It is attendees responsibility to let us know about any such dietary needs.

We will contact you to remind you about the event you have booked and any preparations you may have to make.

Unfortunately the event cost is none refundable should the attendee be unable to attend on the day or they do not cancel their booking in line with our terms and conditions.

Where necessary we reserve the right to choose an alternative date for the delivery of an event should there be insufficient number of registered attendees for any event up to 1 week in advance of the event date.

Where necessary we reserve the right to confirm the venue for the location of the event up to 2 weeks before the event.

Attending the SABC Introduction Workshop or the SABC Introduction Webinar does not entitle the attendee to make any claim they have been trained to discuss or implement SABC™.

We have invested significant time and resources over 5 years researching and developing the SABC methodology and framework. We trust you will understand that Marmalade Box Limited reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order should we have justifiable cause for concern that there is a significant commercial risk to our business from sharing our intellectual property. In such a case Marmalade Box will inform the person making the reservation within 1 week of the date of making the reservation by contacting the email address provided as part of the registration process.

This contract is subject to the law of England and Wales.